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Full Size SBC

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• P4 FSB-400 & 533 SBC
• Intel 845D Chipset
• DDR 266 high speed RAM
• ATI Rage 128 AGP 4X speed, 16MB SGRAM, CRT, DVI LCD
• Dual LAN ports
• 2xUSB ports
• 2x COM ports
• ISA High Drive Capability

General Specifications
Socket 478-pins FC-PGA2 supports Pentium 4 Willamette (0.18u process) and Northwood (0.13u process) CPU up to 2.2GHz or above with 400MT/s and 533MT/s FSB

• System Chipset
Intel 845D Brookdale chipset with I/O subsystems

Award BIOS, PnP support, Anti-Boot Virus function, Boot Room & 512KB FLASH EPROM for BIOS update

• Green Function
power saving supported in BIOS. DOZE / STANDBY / SUSPEND modes, ACPI & APM

• Secondary Cache
Integrated on CPU and runs on CPU core frequency

• DDR Memory
Two 184-pin high speed DDR DIMM sockets upport DDR266 or DDR200 RAMs up to 2GB of PC2100 system memory

• Data Bus & Bus Speeds
32-bit PCI

• PCI Enhanced IDE with Ultra DMA
supports 2 ports and up to 4 ATAPI devices, ltra DMA transfer rates 33 MB/sec

• Watchdog Timer
4 level programmable watchdog timer, from 10-80 seconds.

• DiskOnModule
Support DOM up to 512MB

• ISA High Drive Capability CTI ready
ISA Add-on
64 mA high drive buffer supports up to
20 ISA based add on cards

• High Speed Multi I/O Chipset
Winbond W83627

• Serial ports
2xCOMs ( 1x RS232 and 1x RS232/422/485)

Two onboard USB v1.1 ports support hot- plug function, one IrDA interface

• Floppy Disk Drive
2 floppy disk drives or LS-120 Drive

• Bi-directional Parallel Port
1xSPP, EPP and ECP mode.

• Keyboard and Mouse Connectors
external PS/2 KB/Mouse port

• Network Interface Controller Chipset
2x Intel 82559, support 10/100 Mbp speed auto-negotiation, duplex,flow-control, VLAN.

• Dual LAN Design
Two 10/100M RJ-45 Ethernet ports. Support load-balancing ,Load Sharing, Network redundancy.

• LAN Management
support IntelLAN Desk Service Agent 6.0

• Display Controller Chipset
ATI Rage128 4XL AGP, 16MB SGRAM on board supports 2D and 3D AGP 4X

Support AGP 4X,1x TMDS connector support LCD,TFT LCD

• Display Type

• System Monitoring and Alarm Chipset
Intel 845 D For CPU & System Temperature,
System Voltage and Cooling Fan RPM

• Environmental and Power Requirements
6A@+5V; 8A@+12V; 100mA@-12V

• Board Dimensions
338 mm x122 mm.
(13.3”x4.88”),PICMG 2.0 Compliant

• Board Weight
0.6 Kg.

• Operating Temperature
0 to 55°C (32 to 131°F)

Ordering Information
Full-size SBC with VGA, 16MB
VRAM, Dual Fast Ethernet

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