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Full Size SBC

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• PIII,PII, and P-III level Low Power CPU up to 1.1 Ghz, FSB-133 SBC
• FSB : 133 Mhz
• Intel 815EP Chipset
• VGA, CRT, 4MB VRAM on chip
• Dual Intel Fast Ethernet, Audio
• 2 x COMs ports
• 2 x USB ports, IrDA port
• DiskOn Module / DOC
• Audio port supported

General Specifications
Socket 370 FC-PGA/FC-PGA2 supports PIII, P-II, and P-III level Low Power Fanless CPU up to 1.1 GHz

• FSB Bus
133/100 MHz

• System Chipset
Intel 815E AGPset

Award BIOS ,256KB FLASH EPROM for BIOS update

• SDRAM Memory
up to 768MB of PC-133 Registered SDRAM in
three 168-pin DIMM sockets

• VGA Display Controller
On-die Intel 815E chip integrated 2D/3D graphics Accelerator. On die 4MB VRAM

• Display Type

• Ethernet Controller Chipset
1x Intel 82562EM chipset , and 1 x Intel 82559 chipset support dual 10/100 Mbps, auto-negotiation, duplex ,flow-control, VLAN,Remote Boot Function

• Audio
AC-97 Audio on board

• Disk On Module / Disk On Chip
Support DOM / DOC up to 512MB

• USB & IrDA
Two USB ports and one IrDA Header

• PCI bus
Supports 32bit PCI bus

• High Speed Multi I/O Chipset
Winbond W83627

• Serial Ports
2 COMs (1x RS232 Port, 1XRS232/422/485 port)

• Floppy Disk Drive Interface
2 floppy disk drives, 5º" (360 KB or 1.2 MB) and 3½" (720 KB, 1.44 MB) or LS-120 Drive

• Parallel Bi-directional Port
1xSPP, EPP and ECP mode.

• Keyboard and Mouse Connectors
external PS/2 Mouse port (6 Pin mini DIN) onboard Ps/2 Keyboard port (5-pin JSP header)

• Green Function
power saving supported in BIOS. DOZE / STANDBY / SUSPEND modes, ACPI & APM

• Secondary Cache
Integrated on CPU ,support ECC

• PCI Enhanced IDE with Ultra DMA
supports 2 ports and up to 4 ATAPI devices, Ultra DMA transfer rates 33 MB/sec

• Watchdog Timer
16 level programmable watchdog timer,

• Real-time Clock
built-in super I/O with lithium battery backup for 10 years of data retention. CMOS data backup of BIOS setup and default.

• System Monitoring and Alarm Chipset
Intel 815EP For CPU & System Temperature, System Voltage and Cooling Fan RPM

• Environmental and Power Requirements
Through the backplane power connector

• Board Dimensions
338 mm x 122 mm. PICMG compliant

• Board Weight
0.6 Kg.

• Operating Temperature
0 to 55°C (32 to 131°F)

Ordering Information
• JD-6387VLL
Full Size SBC with Intel 815E chipset,
VGA, Fast Ethern

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