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Full Size SBC

General Specifications  

General Specifications
Dual Coppermine P-III and Celeron Socket 370 CPU up to 1.1 GHz+, ZIF socket. Support 66/100 MHz FSB (Front Side Bus) Dual 1GHz CPU can reach up to 1.7GHz

• System chip
Intel 82443BX chipset

• Cache
Built in CPU supporting ECC function

Award ACPI BIOS, 2M-bit (Flash) EEPROM

4 x 168-pin DIMM socket support PC100 SDRAM, VCM SDRAM or ESDRAM up to 2GB

AGP-2X CRT, ATI Rage XL 3D with 8MB 3D SGRAM on board supporting 1280x1024 res. and DVD MPEG-2 full speed DVD playback.

• LAN x 2
Dual Intel 82559 high 100/10M LAN

• Server LAN
advanced Server Adapter Feature like Adaptive Load Balancing, Port Fault tolerance and Intel Link Aggregation for Server applications.
Both PXE and RPL Remote boot code are integrated into BIOS.

• USB and IrDA
2 x USB and 1 IrDA

• Hardware monitoring

DOC socket and optional CF-2 socket

• Bus type
PC/104 socket and PICMG bus

• ISA bus high drive capability (Optional)

• Speaker
Buzzer on Board

Backup Backup by Li battery

• PS/2 Keyboard
5-pin JSP header and 6-pin mini-DIN

• PS/2 Mouse
6-pin mini-DIN (PS/2 mouse + PS/2 KB) UDMA 66/33 IDE x 2 port: 4 x IDE devices

Two 3.5” or 5.25” FDD or LS120

• Parallel Port
One bi-directional SPP/EPP/ECP port

• 2 x COM ports
RS-232 x 3 + RS-232/422/485 x 1(Serial port support +5V & +12V voltage)

Programmable 10 ~ 80 seconds.

• Power Requirement
ATX power connector

• Dimension
338.5mm x 122mm, 6-layer PCB

• Operating Temperature
0 to 60? (140?)

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