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PC104 Series

General Specifications  

General Specifications
• Audio
ESS 1869A 3D high-performance,mixed-signal, 16-bit stereo chip

• Hihh-quality 20-voice ESFM Music Synthesis,support

• FM music synthesis in OPL-3

• Programmable sample rates from 4 to 48 KHz for record and playback

• Full-duplex for simultaneous record and playback

• 3-button hardware master volume control and speaker volum control

• Software address mapping,4 DMA and 6 IRQ selections for plug and Play

• MPU-401(UART mode) interface for wavetable synthesizers & MIDI devices

• High speed 16-bit ADC and DAC with filters

• 7-channel stereo audio mixer with multi lnput Sources(DAC synthesize,mono in , Microphone in , line in and CD in)

• Output
speaker out, line out and game port

• DOC SSD socker
32-pin socket for M-System DOC SSD 2~144MB

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