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PC104 Series

General Specifications  

General Specifications
• Chipset
ESS 1688 chipset support sound blaster pro, 16-bit stereo, 20 voices ESFM 6-channel mixer record and playback,

• Programmable sample rate
4 – 48Khz, MPU401 (UART mode)

• Speaker out
4pin header for speaker out

• Line out
4-pin header for line out

• Microphone
4-pin header for microphone

• Midi in
2-pin header for Midi in

• Midi out
2-pin header for Midi out

• OS support
Supports Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, IBM OS/2

• Plug and Play Support
FM music Plug and Play support,

• Power requirement
+5V at 200mA, +12V at 800mA maximum

• Form Factor
95 x 90mm, standard PC104 Compliant.

• Operating Temperature
0 – 60 degree C

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