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PC104 Series

General Specifications  

General Specifications
low power NS Geode GX1, 300Mhz CPU built on board

• Chipset
NS Geode GX1and CS5530

• Cache
L1 cache 16KB built in

• Memory
1x SO-DIMM sockets support up to 128MB

Award ACPI BIOS on 128KB flash EPROM

NS Geode GX1 / CS5530 support 1-4MB SMA VRAM.

NS Geode GX1 and CS5530 support LCD panel

• LVDS board
optional LVDS board

• Serial port
2 x COM ports (1 x RS-232, 1x RS232/422/485)

2 x IDE HDD, CD-ROM and 2x FDD or LS-120 drive..

• I/O
NS PC97317 support 2 x COM, 1x LPT,

• Proprietary DOM
special DOM 8-128MB design for PC104-586V.

• Watch-Dog Timer
programmable watchdog timer, from 0~30 seconds

• Form Factor
95 x 90mm, PC104+ BUS Compliant.

• Power
single +5V

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