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RMA Service Procedure:

For RMA service and obtaining RMA no. please follow the below procedure:
(1) Please fill out the RMA form and fax us your request at 886-2693-1325 or send the PDF file at
(2) JRD's logistic center will issue an RMA number within 48 hours or a reason for RMA denial. If you have questions please call us at 886-2693-1350.
(3) Goods returned within the specified warranty period must be accompanied with the serial number a monthly report. The goods of unknown source or without a valid serial number will not be accepted.
(4) The delivery cost of the defective batteries is to be paid by the customer.
(5) Replacement items will be sent out together with the next order shipment.

Please also follow the below instructions:
     1. Please fax or include original copy of the invoice or proof of purchase with the shipment. We will not process your service      request without it.
     2. The RMA is valid only for the items originally listed on the request form and is good for 30 days from the issue date. Items      shipped without a proper RMA # will be returned without being repaired.
     3. Please print the RMA# legibly on the outside of the shipping carton.
     4. The serial no. of item’s must be clearly readable and marked on the outside of the returned goods.

Packing and shipping instructions:
• Use safe packaging or equivalent to protect goods from physical damage.
• JRD inspects all goods upon arrival. Upon inspection, JRD may notify customer of any physical or structural abnormality (scratch or crack) to the products.
All returns must have an RMA number clearly referenced on the shipping label (A copy of the invoice or proof of purchase must be included).
JRD will not be responsible for any lost accessories except for doa (dead on arrival) items.

Please understand that our Technical Support Team will not be able to help if information submitted is not sufficient. The more details we have, the faster we will be able to support you from JRD.

Thanks for your attention.

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